Learn More About What Your Customers Want

By allowing your visitors a convenient discussion space to share their opinions, thoughts, comments, questions etc, you will be able to gain further insights into what they are looking for. Further, Zeeker allows you to reply directly to your visitors and address their questions and concerns.

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Improve Your Brand Loyalty With New and Returning Customers

Every customer interaction matters when it comes to your product penetration. Zeeker allows continuous interactions with new and returning customers, helping achieve an improved ROI and reduce your customer acquisition costs.

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Our Customers Love Us, Here Is Why

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Zeeker is a great shareable discussion platform. It has been a great add on to our website since we integrated it. Zeeker allows easy interactions with customers, increasing brand recall with great features.

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A useful engagement plugin that allows easy interaction with the customers.



Feature Rich, Not Feature Heavy


You get to decide the colour and style of your plugin. Add a simple HTML snippet to the web pages where you want Zeeker to display.



Users only see a button at the bottom right of the webpage. When clicked on, a discussion forum opens as an in-page popover, which the user can easily close.



Zeeker is built for civil discourse. It has features to automatically prevent spam, profanity, and hate speech. In addition, you are also able to manually moderate posts and reply to them.


Secure & Private

We take security & privacy very seriously. We don’t collect or store any data other than the comments posted in the plugin. An encrypted channel is used to communicate between our server and the plugin.

Secure & Private


Users will find Zeeker very easy to use. It is packed with the right features to make discussions fun, accessible, and convenient.


Available as WordPress Plugin

Millions of WordPress websites can add Zeeker with the click of a button by downloading the Zeeker WordPress plugin.

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Shopify Compatible

You can easily add Zeeker to your Shopify site in a few simple steps with the Shopify integration guide.


Powerful Dashboard for Analytics, Insights and Moderation

Zeeker’s dashboard gives you actionable audience insights, allowing you to analyse comments, demographics, and other statistics. You can moderate and reply directly to their posts. You can also add other moderators and administrators.

Powerful Dashboard
Get Started Takes less than 5 Minutes, Completely Free
Amazing on Mobile and Desktop

Looks Amazing on Mobile and Desktop

Zeeker is designed to look and feel great on every screen size and device type including tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and desktops. It is designed to efficiently use space to provide users with an immersive conversation experience without dominating or disrupting the flow of your page.